Microscopic Spine Surgery

Microscopic spine surgery in Sangamner is the most recent, advanced, and safest and involves surgery under the guidance of a microscope with the help of special tubular cylindrical retractor instruments which enhance the safety due to the better magnified 3-dimensional visualization obtained due to microscopic assistance.

When is microscopic spine surgery needed?

Microscopic spine surgery is recommended for particular spinal conditions such as:

  • Degenerative disc disease, where natural changes occur over time reducing the effectiveness of the spinal discs to cushion and provide flexibility
  • A herniated disc, where the spinal discs leak fluid or bulges leading to the surrounding nerves to have pressure
  • Osteoarthritis, where the vertebrae grind against each other or develop bony spurs which aggravate the nerves
  • Spinal stenosis, where the nerve passage narrows causing pain and loss of mobility
  • Spinal tumors which may cause pressure to the spinal cord or the surrounding nerves.
These conditions may be treated or corrected with the use of spine surgery to mitigate chronic pain and restore functionality and mobility. In cases where microscopic surgery can be used, it is the preferred approach.

Benefits of Microscopic Spine Surgery?

If you suffer from a herniated disc, microdiscectomy may be an option. To perform a minimally invasive microdiscectomy, surgeons use special retractors and surgical microscopes to remove the herniated disc and relieve pressure on nerve roots or the spinal cord. With a smaller incision and precision removal, surgeons can complete the outpatient surgery in under an hour. The microscopic approach offers faster recovery times, reduced blood loss and scarring, and less postoperative pain.

Microscopic Spine Surgery Procedure:

of the spine since these back muscles run vertically they can move out of the way rather than cut.

 Dr. Prasad Umbarkar is then able to enter the spine by removing a membrane over the nerve roots and using either operating glasses or an operating microscope to visualize the nerve root.

 Often a small portion of the inside facet joint is removed both to the facility access to the nerve root and to relieve pressure over the nerve.

 The nerve root is then gently moved to the side and the disc materials are removed from the under the nerve root.

Why to choose Dr. Prasad Umbarkar for Microscopic Spine Surgery Treatment?

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